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Our Houston, Texas BPI is an annual 4 day program offering continuing education in the areas of: Code Enforcement, Energy, Fire Prevention, International Building Code, International Residential Code, National Electrical Code, Plumbing & Mechanical, Permit Tech, Texas Accessibility and TAS Academy.

Code Enforcement

Tuesday – AM
Safety and Awareness
We are all challenged by stress, routine job duties, mundane tasks and sometimes, complacency because we fall into patterns while performing our jobs. If your normal day goes bad are you prepared? Can you recognize potential dangers and navigate through them? Do you have the skills to deal with dangerous situations and go home that night? Safety and awareness and will give you the tools necessary to adapt and overcome the dangers that can arise when your “normal” day goes bad.
Instructor: Matthew Christianson – Texas Registered Code Enforcement Officer

Tuesday – PM
Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
Our perceptions, beliefs, fears or body language can create communication pathways or barriers. The way we communicate either creates an open dialog with those to whom we are speaking or it creates barriers and walls. As code enforcement professionals, it’s imperative that we have the skills to maneuver through the land mines when communicating with those under enforcement of the laws in our jurisdictions. Through effective conscious and subconscious communication styles we can create a positive outcome in a potentially negative or hostile situation.
Instructor: Matthew Christianson – Texas Registered Code Enforcement Officer

Wednesday – AM
Legal Aspects with 1 Hour of Legal Updates
Provides 1 hour of legal updates on code enforcement and covers topics such as traditional methods of code enforcement, legal tools available for code enforcement, liability of code and building officials/inspectors and constitutional constraints on code enforcement activities.
Instructor: Janet Spugnardi, J.D. – City of Irving

Wednesday – PM
Animal Behavior and Violators with Mental Issues
Animal Behavior | This class will help attendees to be able to identify, understand and respond to certain dog behavior while performing property inspections.
Violators with Mental Issues | This class will help to assist Code Officers to identify Zoning and IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code) regulations for rooming and boarding houses while being aware of potential hazards.
Instructor: Anthony Major – Austin Code Enforcement

Thursday – AM
1 Hour Legislative Update plus Legal Issues
This class will help attendees to understand how the law making process works. In addition, bring awareness to new laws and changes in current laws within the State of Texas that directly or indirectly affect Code officers and their responsibilities.
Instructor: Anthony Major – City of Austin Code Enforcement

Thursday – PM
Assisting Mobile Home Park Compliances and Officer’s Ethics
Assisting Mobile Home Park Compliances | This class will help attendees to identify the challenges of abating mobile home violations and how Code Officers can work with Mobile Home owners to assist with compliance.
Officer’s Ethics | This class will help Code Officer’s to better understand State Guide lines regarding Code Office’s authority according to Chapter 1952 of the State Occupational Code.
Instructor: Anthony Major – Austin Code Enforcement

Energy Code

Thursday – AM/PM
A Simplified Approach to Commercial Energy Plan Review and Inspection
This class will take the sometimes hard to understand commercial energy code requirements and put them into perspective, focusing on those code items that have the highest impact first. We’ll walk through ways to simplify the plan review and inspection process for energy code in commercial buildings, learning how to complete that work in the midst of our review and inspections to all of the other codes.
Instructor: Shaunna Mozingo – Colorado Code Consultant

International Building Code (IBC)
(All students need to bring their 2015 IBC)

Monday – AM/PM
2015 IBC Essentials
The seminar focuses on the basic concept of the 2015 IBC. These concepts provide a basis for the correct utilization of the code. A clear understanding of the identified requirements allows the code user to apply the IBC in specific situations and help to build an understanding of the intent of the code when asked to make a judgment on code compliances.
Instructor: Roger Axel – ICC Instructor

Tuesday – AM/PM
2015 Fire and Life Safety Principles
This seminar addresses the critical concepts of the 2015 IBC regarding Fire and Life Safety issues. These concepts provide a basis for the correct use of the code in building planning, classifications of buildings and occupancies, fire resistance-related construction, fire protection systems and means of egress.
Instructor: Roger Axel – ICC Instructor

Wednesday – AM/PM
2015 IBC Care Facilities Provisions (Advanced)
This seminar will address provision of the 2015 IBC and standards related to care facilities such as medical care, custodial care, ambulatory care, and day care. The seminar will include a discussion on how the length of stay, number of care recipients, and degree of care and capability/incapability of self-preservation all relate to occupancy classification and code requirements.
Instructor: Roger Axel – ICC Instructor

Thursday – AM
Mixed Occupancies- 508 Provisions
Based on the provisions of IBC Section 508, this seminar addresses those special requirements applicable to buildings containing two or more occupancy classifications. The three mixed-occupancy options are presented along with examples and exercises that illustrate the proper application of the provisions. Specific topics include: Occupancy classification, Mixed occupancy conditions, Accessory occupancies, Non-separated occupancies, Separated occupancies, Multi-story conditions.
Instructor: Roger Axel – ICC Instructor

Thursday – PM
2015 IBC Special Building Types and Features
An overview of selected provisions from the 2015 IBC (Chapter 4). This seminar focuses on several building types and features that have their own unique considerations.
Instructor: Roger Axel – ICC Instructor

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Hotel Information

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston Hobby Airport
8181 Airport Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77061-4142

Group Name: 2018 Building Professional Institute
Booking Link: DoubleTree Hilton Reservation Link

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Event Exhibitors

Lunch Sponsor

The Building Professional Institute is sponsored by the Building Officials Association of Texas. All sessions are approved through the Preferred Provider Program.

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